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Crowds Awaiting iPhone 4S Force Delay In China, Riot

The Chinese desperately want the iPhone 4S. But the large, unruly crowd that gathered to get it at Apple’s Beijing store forced police to shut the release down, leading to a riot. If you think that westerners behave a bit

How Much Has the iPhone 5 Release Delay Hurt Apple Smartphone Sales?

The iPhone 4S is a nice piece of work, with a substantial performance improvement and feature set enhancement over the iPhone 4. The form factor, while a carryover from the previous model, is a classic, and while Apple opted to

Low Consumer Interest May Delay NFC Technology For iPhone 5

Google Wallet and other NFC payment platforms such as Visa and Isis have put digital wallet technology on the map. But a lack of consumer knowledge and interest in paying for goods with their smartphone may mean no NFC on the

iPhone 5 AND 4S (or 4-plus) Looking Likely; But Another iPhone 5 Delay? [UPDATED]

Jonathan Ratner of Canada’s influential Financial Post reports today that J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz is predicting that Apple will launch two new iPhone models this fall — the much-anticipated iPhone 5 with a fresh form factor and also an

Opinion: iPhone 5 Announcement Delay Cased By Buzz, Jobs’ Illness

If the early October iPhone 5 release rumors are true, then why hasn’t Apple announced the new iPhone yet? The unprecedented iPhone 5 hype may have something to do with it. Ok — this is getting ridiculous. More articles today