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Clear iPhone 5 Concept Rehashes Old, Cool, Useless Feature

A slick, new iPhone 5 concept video harkens back to one of the first iPhone 5 mock-ups, which featured a clear, see-through display. While the feature has no practical purpose, it reflects users’ desire for a revolutionary, new iPhone iteration. 

A Quad Core iPhone 5 Would Be Cool, But 3D Chips Would Be Revolutionary

More and more is being said and reported about how the 2012 iPhone 5 may feature a powerful quad core processor. In point of fact, it is one of only a few truly new rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 and

Review: OrganiDoc HD App – A Cool File Management App For iPad

The OrganiDoc HD is a fantastic app if you love the traditional folder type view instead of the Apple’s natural way of showing your the files on iPad. In many ways, it’s the best productivity app for iPad when it

Dual-Screen Cool: Can a Dual Screened iPhone Solve the Screen Size Divide?

Would a dual-screened iPhone be cool? Does the iPhone 5 need a larger screen, or are the new round of iPhone competitors’ screens too big? Maybe a dual-screened iPhone could satisfy everyone. Few rumored iPhone 5 feature upgrades stoke as