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Gaming, Social Media and the Cloud

Gaming Through Social Media Social gaming has always been around, whether it was sitting around a Nintendo console or playing CounterStrike with friends online. But in recent years, gaming through social media platforms has become much more visible as a

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

The heavy rainfall in the UK over the past few weeks may have wound a lot of us up, but one company not complaining is The Weather Channel which saw 8m people accessing its content across web, mobile and Tablet

Accessing Dropbox, Box.net and other Cloud Storage Accounts On New iPad Made Easy

You can access files like the Dropbox, Box.net as well as storage accounts from your new iPad through the amazing cloud storage services that are accessible from their very own apps or other such software. The price factor is also

Gaming in the Cloud

The Game Center has been dead almost since it was introduced in Sept. 2010, but some iOS 5 updates could breathe more life into the stale medium. The idea was supposed to be a cross between playing games on Facebook

50 GB Free Cloud; iPhone 4S Speed; Trade-In Price Lock-in; Apple.com Best iPhone 4S Online Purchase Experience

Here’s a potpourri of iPhone-related items crossing my desk today that I thought would merit passing along to iPhone 5 News Blog readers, offered as purely informational. This site has no commercial relationship or conflict of interest with any of