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China Taxi

China Taxi ($ 0.99) by Keyloft LLC Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad When I read the iTunes description of this game and saw that it’s based on a famous Chinese painting called “Along the River during the Qingming Festival”

China iPhone Sales Skyrocket

The quarterly sales of the Apple iPhone in China have skyrocketed in the recent months, indicating that the numerous examples of negative press it has received have not tempered the desire of Chinese consumers to have the high tech smartphone.

Crowds Awaiting iPhone 4S Force Delay In China, Riot

The Chinese desperately want the iPhone 4S. But the large, unruly crowd that gathered to get it at Apple’s Beijing store forced police to shut the release down, leading to a riot. If you think that westerners behave a bit

August 4th – China Telecom Confirms iPhone 5 For October

iPhone 5 Coming Very Soon! China Telecom recently stated that they’ve reached a ‘preliminary agreement’ with Apple to carry the next-generation iPhone, which they say will be a simplified iPhone 4.Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities recently issued a note to

Counterfeited iphone 5 available in China

Millions of Apple fans are waiting eagerly for the iphone 5 to get launched and a large number of them are considering to purchase the iphone 5 as soon as it hit the store shelves. iPhone 5 is expected to

iPhone 5 to Be Released in China and Canada in October

Leaked Info Indicates October Release in Canada and China It has been reported this week by BGR(BoyGeniusReport), the well known tech blog, that leaked documents form Telus, a big Canadian telecommunication company, indicate an October 1st release date for the