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The Aftermath of the Apple vs. Samsung Patent Case

What is perceived by many as the Tech Trial of the Century is finally over, and once the smoke cleared, it was Apple that ended up with the big victory. Samsung was ordered to pay Apple a whopping amount in

iPad Mini Case Images Leaked: Show Thinner Bezel

In what appears to be a sleek and perfect design, Giz-China.com posted some images of rumored iPad Mini cases that seem to fit the descriptions of the rumored device we’ve been hearing of late. On one of the design, the

Samsung Loses Apple Court Case

Samsung has lost its court case in the US against Apple. The Korean company has been ordered to pay Apple $ 1.05bn (£665m) in damages. The ruling could see Samsung prevented from selling some Tablet and handset models in the

Case Marine – Waterproof iPhone Case

This piece of news is surely going to relieve iPhone owners from the concern regarding their iPhone safety from water. Curious, what it could be? Well 0.25mm waterproof Case Marine will protect your classy and chic device from water.The worth

Rumor: iPhone 5 Preparing for Fall release – Features to Include a 4-inch Display, Metal case and Smaller Dock Connector

iLounge, famous for rumors about iPhone ia back with a new one! The next iPhone is the most talked about topic these days and the latest rumor coming from the editor at iLounge indicates that the device is to be

NoteBook Case for iPad Turn Your iPad into Netbook Sized Macbook Pro

The all new NoteBook case for iPad is actually a MacBook Pro clone as claimed by the Japanese blog Macotakara. It comes with amazing features: A built-in Lithium-polymer battery to enable charging of your iPad even while in use A

ZAGG Introduces ZAGGFolio Keyboard Case for New iPad

ZAGG has introduced a brand new ZAGGFolio Keyboard Case for New iPad. ZAGG is very prominent name in the market, for manufacturing mobile accessories! Recently, ZAGG has revealed his detail on releasing Keyboard Case for New iPad. But, prior to

Speck’s iPad 3 Case Ready. We’re Waiting for the Device Now!

You all know Speck, evergreen, popular and professional gadget case maker who have been producing awesome-looking iPad and iPhone cases. They have released an accessory for a device everyone is now sure of hearing about. Yeah, the iPad 3. Speck

Casetagram – When Instagram Meets Customized iPhone Case!

What happens when Instagram, the most popular iPhone image app ever, meets custom cases? Well, you get to design your own custom iPhone case with your own design/image on it!! Welcome to Castegram. Create Custom iPhone Case Ever wondered what

Review: HornetTek Vader Case for iPhone 4S


Review: HornetTek Vader Case for iPhone 4S Save Video Rating: 4 / 5

iPhone 4S Case Reviews


A look at multiple cases for your iPhone 4S Video Rating: 4 / 5 We launched 2 iPhone 4S phones with a weather balloon to go up to 100000. We put one of the iPhone 4S’s on an interval photo

Case-Mate ‘Tank’ Case for iPhone 4/4S – Super Protective iPhone 4/4S Case

As we know that iPhone is an expensive Smartphone, it requires excellent protection from scratches in the screen as well as in the body. A Smartphone will not look good if it is not maintained well and hence is full

iPhone 4 Slide-out Case Adds QWERTY Keyboard

If you aren’t quite happy with the touch keypad of your iPhone and have always been a bit envy of the Blackberry users then worry no more. This new case from BoxWave brings QWERTY keyboard to your beloved iPhone 4.

The Strange Case of a New iPhone 5 Case Rumor

The store that M.I.C. claims to have received this tip An Asian iPhone 5 rumor blog is reporting that Foxconn “lost” an iPhone 5 prototype in China, leading to a flurry of iPhone 5 cases revealed ahead of the product’s

Flurry of iPhone 4S/5 Case Leaks Fail To Confirm Next Form Factor

A series of leaked photos and screen shots of evidence that cases for the iPhone 4S and/or 5 have appeared on all of the top iPhone 5 rumor sites recently. Do they confirm anything about what to expect next week?

Speck Products Show Up Case-Mate In iPhone 5 Case Interview

An interesting interview with Speck Product’s VP of Marketing reveals a much more rational view of where top-tier iPhone case designers stand in designing for the next iPhone, exposing Case-Mate’s hot doggery. Last week, Case-Mate became the first top-tier iPhone case