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Consumers Call For More Mobile Banking Apps

By 2020, 36 per cent of consumers believe that they will be doing all of their banking on smartphones. Meanwhile, 67 per cent of banks predict that all of their UK consumers will be using some form of mobile banking

Turkcell Launches SMS Call Centre

Turkcell has launched a customer service operation that works solely through SMS.  Run from the new Karabuk Call Center, the SMS model is designed with the preferences of younger audiences in mind, and will serve members of the network's 'GNCTRKCLL'

Last Call for Tomorrow’s Masterclass Events

The latest events in our Mobile Masterclass series, staged in partnership with Camerjam, take place in London tomorrow, with the Mobile Travel & Tourism Masterclass in the morning, followed by the Mobile Automotive Masterclass in the afternoon. Speakers at the

Last Call for Next Week’s Mobile Masterclass Events

After successful excursions to the US and Germany in recent months, the Mobile Masterclass series, staged in partnership with Camerjam, returns to London next week with a double-header on Wednesday. In the morning, we will be running the Mobile Finance

T-Mobile USA Cuts 1,900 Jobs, Closes Call Centers

T-Mobile USA is closing seven call centers and cutting 1,900 employees. Following AT&T's failed merger attempt, T-Mobile is trying to build a new strategy to compete as the fourth-largest carrier in the market behind Sprint Nextel, Verizon Wireless and AT&T.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies by Activision Publishing, Inc ($ 7.49) Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad The Call of duty franchise is one that creates excitement towards the end of each year. This was always true for console gamers,