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iPad For Business Presentation: The Best Tool You Can Ever Have

The new iPad comes with a Retina Display that beats every little thing on the planet. Well, not exactly, but a 2048px resolution is unheard of in the tablet zone till the new iPad came along. And that sure makes

Small Business, Massive Opportunity

Small businesses will play a crucial role as the United Kingdom, and indeed all of Europe, looks to rebound from some rather gloomy economic times. Today, according to the Federation of Small Businesses, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) account for

CamCard (business card reader)

CamCard (business card reader) ($ 6.99) by Intsig Information Co., Ltd. Available on iPhone only When I am not writing reviews for IAR, on a completely voluntary and uncompensated basis mind you, I am in my office, or in court,

Effective Business Communication

In actuality, powerful enterprise communication is probably the main points in life. To become upwardly cell phone within your arena, you will need to get better at this matter. Why is it so critical? Since without, your tone of voice