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Everything Everywhere Could Bring You iPhone 5 with 4G In the United Kingdom

In a somewhat immediate after-effect of Ofcam’s approval of Everything Everywhere’s 4G proposal, “sources” of Pocket-lint have seem to have hinted that Everything Everywhere would be carrying the iPhone 5 with 4G support. Although it seems a direct consequence of

Digg App for iPhone and iPad: An Attempt To Bring Back Digg

Digg, right when we all thought it’s days were over, jumps back with an iOS app, specifically designed with Apple’s core minimalism and aesthetics in mind. The Digg iPhone app is really a battered down version of a reader: only,

Finally! 2012 New Year Will Doubtless Bring iPhone 5 With It

By the time the iPhone 5 is released, either in the Summer or fall of 2012, it will have been a two-year wait for the tech community. Will the iPhone 5 live up to expectations in the New Year? Unless

Tech Media Wrangles Over Whether 2012 Will Bring an iPhone 5 Or iPhone 6

The tech media and iPhone users alike anticipated an iPhone 5 in 2011. But now that the 4S has been injected into the iPhone’s legacy, questions remains about whether the 2012 iPhone will be iPhone 5 or iPhone 6. Speculating