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Best iPad Apps for Seniors

It might be easy to make the assumption that technology—mobile technology in particular—is a younger generation’s game, but there are plenty of savvy seniors, and plenty more unafraid to jump right into the deep end.Here’s a look at some of

Best 5 Handy Apps Worth Trying Out On Your iPhone

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, have literally taken over the world. There are billions of users who own a mobile device such as iPhone and use them to carry out various tasks. But since the iTunes Store is

Best iPhone Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth Headsets never go out of rage. Taking a walk, driving a car, on the road, eating your dinner: doesn’t matter what the point is, a Bluetooth headset is always helpful. The iPhone 4 / 4S is a fantastic smartphone

Best iPhone Security Apps – Security Apps for iPhone 4/4S

iPhone security apps are quite useful when you want to secure your iPhone data. This data needn’t necessarily just be apps or the files but also very sensitive information like your credit card data, your email passwords and much much

iPad For Business Presentation: The Best Tool You Can Ever Have

The new iPad comes with a Retina Display that beats every little thing on the planet. Well, not exactly, but a 2048px resolution is unheard of in the tablet zone till the new iPad came along. And that sure makes

Best Google Chrome Cydia Tweaks for iOS

Here are some cool little Cydia tweaks designed for the Chrome for iOS which can make your Chrome for iOS experience a great one. www.appleiphoneapps.net

10 Best Free iPad Apps for Web Designers and Developers

iPad, undoubtedly, is a great device that helps the web designers and web developers indulge in a their work in a hassle-free way. Especially with the countless apps available in the market that are tuned to meet the iPad requirements,

Best Free iPad Apps for Kids

Although not every app is free, we found that quite a lot of free apps are amazingly built, rich in detail and aimed at your kid. Here’s a list of eight such beautiful apps that have been designed well and

16 of the Best

Telefónica has announced the sixteen UK start-ups that have been selected to join the London hub of its Wayra tech start-up accelerator programme. The successful start-ups will begin a six month residency at the London Wayra Academy, where they will

10 Best iPhone Apps For Students & College Graduates!

Truth be told, there are quite a number of best iPhone apps for students on the web. Opinions differ as to what goes into the top 10 lists for students and grads. The iPhone (or any other iDevice for that

Best Free Video Calling Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Facetime is Apple’s video calling app on iPhone and iPad. However, every person may not own an Apple product which has Facetime. For such non Apple users there are some of the best video calling apps for iPhone. So whichever

10 Best Cydia Sources (Repos) List You Can Use on Apple Devices

Cydia repos are one of the best repositories for iPhone, iPad and iPod tweaks. The Cydia repositories (sources) available across a lot of websites offer great tweaks, themes, ringtones, wallpapers, screenlocks and more to your device. Here’s the best of

What iOS Apps Should You be Taking Abroad? Best Travel Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

News that the EU is to cut roaming charges is good for smartphone users. It will be cheaper to use a mobile or internet-enabled device in Europe. Under the new rules being passed, a call will cost no more than

Best Retina Display Ready New iPad / iPad 3 Apps

The wait for the new iPad is over as it has finally been made available. The app makers are hard at work with the best Retina display for new iPad. The increase in pixels gives excellent clarity especially for gamers

Best Cases for New iPad 3

Investing in best cases for new iPad 3 is a very important step in making sure your iPad stays well-protected. Here are some cool best new iPad cases that we found interesting: 1. Belkin Pro Tri-Fold Folio (with Stand) Belkin

Flashlight 4 in 1 – Most versatile Flashlight in App Store – Best Phone 4/4S Utility App

Flashlight 4 in 1 – Most versatile Flashlight in App Store – Best Phone 4/4S Utility App is a post from: iPhnoeStuffs4U.com Tired of downloading numerous apps or of getting the most out of your iPhone 4/4s bright LED? Well,