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AT&T Squares Up

Mobile payments company Square has signed a deal with AT&T to sell its Square card reader in more than 1,000 of the operator's US retail stores. The Square dongle, which can be attached to mobile devices using the headphone jack,

AT&T Limits Its Grandfathered-In Unlimited Data Plan; Sprint Could Benefit With 4G iPhone 5

AT&T has tried to match Sprint in the marketplace as a price leader in data plans. But a new report today reveals that the U.S. mobile giant is using limitations and data “throttling” once users reach a data usage threshold,

AT&T To Replace It’s Existing SIMs With The All New LTE Mico-SIMs

AT&T To Replace It’s Existing SIMs With The All New LTE Mico-SIMs is a post from: iPhnoeStuffs4U.com There has recently been lot of talk about the upcoming iPad 3 features which are said to include the famous Retina display, LTE

iPhone 4S AT&T Activation Nightmares


Am I the only one having these problems? I’m still waiting for those e-mails from AT&T. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Apple iPhone 4S Siri Demo – funny questions… check out my demo of this new personal digital assistant. Stay

Reading the 4G iPhone 5 Tea Leaves: AT&T Launching LTE In NYC This Month

More circumstantial iPhone 5 4G LTE fodder today, as AT&T announced that it will launch its 4G LTE network in New York City and other markets this month. For those who are anticipating the 2012 iPhone 5 to be the

Samsung Galaxy S II vs Apple iPhone 4S “AT&T Face Off”


Today’s Face Off pits the two most popular smartphones on the planet head to head. Check it out and pick a winner!

AT&T Wants Fake 4G Tag For Its iPhone 4S

Back on May 8th, when the iPhone 5 News Blog ran its article entitled, “Redrawing the 4G Line: Is a “Fake” 4G Tagline Coming to the iPhone 5?” it may have seemed like little more than a facile claim at

AT&T Computer System Screen Shot Features iPhone 4s Menu Option

Rumors of the iPhone 4s have refused to die. Does this new screen shot from AT&T’s back-end reveal that the next iPhone won’t be called “iPhone 5?” After a summer of grainy, blurry photos and Photoshopped screen shots, the iPhone

Logic of New Leaked AT&T Documents Refute iPhone 6 Spring Launch Claim

Fresh rumors about the iPhone 6 have circulated recently that it could see a Spring 2012 release. But a new leaked document from AT&T shows that the mobile giant’s timeline for implementing 4G on Apple mobile devices may prove the

Good News For iPhone 5 Hopefulls About AT&T Pricing

Will AT&T Be Forced To Reduce Their Pricing? Ok, before we get too far into this, let’s get one thing out there… I am about to speculate based on ideas I know about competition in the marketplace. So this information

AT&T and T-Mobile Test the iPhone 5

Cell Phone Carriers Are Testing the iPhone 5 Although the launch of the iPhone 5 is rumored to take place in September, it seems that AT&T and T-Mobile have already started testing the new smartphone from Apple. Beginning July 6th,