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Consumers Call For More Mobile Banking Apps

By 2020, 36 per cent of consumers believe that they will be doing all of their banking on smartphones. Meanwhile, 67 per cent of banks predict that all of their UK consumers will be using some form of mobile banking

iPhone 5 Concept Video Shows How Apps Will Look

MacRumors posted a new video that shows how the iPhone 5 would render apps and games on the larger screen. It’s a cool video that shows how older games and apps would be letter-boxed to fit the iPhone 5′s display.

Meredith Relaunches Local News Apps

Local US news network Meredith has relaunched its news apps, adding live streaming, video and interactive weather features, and bringing its Android app in line with the iOS app. The apps, developed by StepLeader, include support for pro-roll video ads, and UI

Best iPad Apps for Seniors

It might be easy to make the assumption that technology—mobile technology in particular—is a younger generation’s game, but there are plenty of savvy seniors, and plenty more unafraid to jump right into the deep end.Here’s a look at some of

Best 5 Handy Apps Worth Trying Out On Your iPhone

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, have literally taken over the world. There are billions of users who own a mobile device such as iPhone and use them to carry out various tasks. But since the iTunes Store is

This Is How iOS Apps Look on a 4-inch iPhone 5

Sonny Dickson, a contributor to 9To5Mac, has created some images that show you how iOS apps look on an 4-inch iPhone 5. We’ve been reporting on the recent findings that the iOS 6 firmware has been specifically designed so that it’s aware

Blackboard Adds User Purchase Option and Augmented Reality to its Mobile Learning Apps

BlackBoard University web platform Blackboard has announced that it will provide an option for students and faculty to purchase its Mobile Learn app directly, without requiring an investment from their university or learning institution. “We wanted to implement a model that gave

Best iPhone Security Apps – Security Apps for iPhone 4/4S

iPhone security apps are quite useful when you want to secure your iPhone data. This data needn’t necessarily just be apps or the files but also very sensitive information like your credit card data, your email passwords and much much

Apps – The Pitfalls, and How to Avoid Them

Rob Thurner, lead trainer for the Mobile Training Academy, has written a two-part article for NewsLine taking an in-depth looks at the apps market, as it approaches its four anniversary. In the first part, Thurner discusses why apps are great

Must Have iPhone Apps for Independence Day – Fourth of July Apps

Here’s Fourth of July and while the celebrations are on, here are some interesting apps designed around the Independence day. iPhone Independence Day Apps: The Revolution: Interactive Guide This one’s an excellent resource to learn about the Revolutionary War and

appMobi HTML5 Hybrid Apps Hit 100m Opens

Hybrid apps created with appMobi's HTML5 tools have broken the 100m milestone for number of opens by mobile users. The appMobi platform enables developers to deploy crossplatform apps from a single code base. The number of active developers using the

10 Best Free iPad Apps for Web Designers and Developers

iPad, undoubtedly, is a great device that helps the web designers and web developers indulge in a their work in a hassle-free way. Especially with the countless apps available in the market that are tuned to meet the iPad requirements,

How to Transfer Apps to A New iPhone via iCloud

With iCloud enabled, there’s really nothing that you can lose. People have made sure their photos are available on all their devices, they’ve shared documents to the Cloud and also, most importantly, secured their data by uploading it to the

Over 600m Apps were Downloaded Between January and March

To see the full top 10 for iOS and Android, click the imageThe number of apps downloaded for iPhone and Android devices between January and March 2012 hit a total 603m, shooting up from 552m in three months. That's according

Best Free iPad Apps for Kids

Although not every app is free, we found that quite a lot of free apps are amazingly built, rich in detail and aimed at your kid. Here’s a list of eight such beautiful apps that have been designed well and

MobileMe is Going: How To Replace MobileMe Features Through Other Apps

MobileMe, Apple’s glorious service, is coming to an end. MobileMe was not just an account to handle your contacts or files. It was many services integrated into one and for hardcore users of MobileMe and the services it offered, it