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Follow the leader: Apple is the trendsetter of the PC market

Apple is one of the biggest names in electronics today, and that is a fact. People can make fun of the Apple fanboys all they like, but the truth of that matter is that Apple remains at the top of

The Aftermath of the Apple vs. Samsung Patent Case

What is perceived by many as the Tech Trial of the Century is finally over, and once the smoke cleared, it was Apple that ended up with the big victory. Samsung was ordered to pay Apple a whopping amount in

Sold Out! iPhone 5 Sales Shut Down Apple Pre-Order

Early iPhone 5 sales are living up to even the loftiest expectations, with iPhone 5 pre-orders getting pushed back a week due to massive consumer demand. Last year, you’ll recall an oft-cited survey that predicted that the 35% of consumers

Apple Trying to Get the Galaxy S3 Banned

Apple is pushing for US sales bans on Samsung's Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note smartphones, as well as its Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tablet. The proposed bans are part of a separate case to the patent infringement lawsuit Samsung lost last

AirWatch Announces Integration with Apple Configurator

Mobile device management firm AirWatch has integrated with Apple Configurator, for mass deployment and configuration of iPhone and iPad devices. “Through our first-to-market integration with Apple Configurator, we are pleased to be at the forefront of innovation in mobile security

Samsung Loses Apple Court Case

Samsung has lost its court case in the US against Apple. The Korean company has been ordered to pay Apple $ 1.05bn (£665m) in damages. The ruling could see Samsung prevented from selling some Tablet and handset models in the

iPhone 4 & 4S Prices Drop: Apple Follows Target, BestBuy and Sprint

The iPhone 4 and 4S are now available on discounts not just from Sprint but also from two other major players in the market: Target and BestBuy. And what’s even more interesting is that Apple follows suit and has announced

Apple Mulls Stake In Twitter

If there’s anything Apple has not been good at, it’s social media. While Google finally seems to have figured out in own place in the social media niche with the highly Google Search-oriented Google+, Apple has struggled to craft its

Apple May End Up in Selling Whopping 80 Million iPhone 5 Devices

iPhone 5 is undoubtedly grabbing all attention. Where at one side Apple is busy in gearing up for the biggest iPhone5 launch, on another side everyone is just curious and excited to see what Apple has to offer this time.

Apple, iOS and Security: How Secure Is Your Private Data on iPhone / iPad

Image Credit: Images.Apple.com With mobile data, security has almost always been a point of contention. Many companies, app developers and manufacturers have faced the wrath of privacy problems and violations. Apple has been no exception to this and has both

How to Refresh Photo Albums in Apple TV!

Have you ever noticed that new photos that you add to a shared folder on a Mac does not get updated automatically on the Apple TV? It takes a day or two before the photos show up on your Apple

Apple Unwraps iOS 6 at WWDC

Apple has unveiled iOS 6, in the keynote speech at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. The update comes with an improved Safari browser and Maps app, wider Siri support, and Facebook integration across the platform. A beta

Apple Looses $96 Billion In A Week Due To This Guy

This is a very simple and a clear example that how some major public companies are over evaluated and the real worth of any industry is way less than the public figure.  Apple, which is the biggest corporation in the

Apple Has Started to Censor Word ‘Jailbreak’ in The US iTunes Store

Apple is filtering word jailbreak in the US iTunes because it considers the word equal to an expletive. Now doesn’t that sound like the Cupertino actually hates the word? Well, this morning came the news about a new Apple policy

Apple Korea is Offering Replacements of Faulty iPad and iPod

TNW reports that Apple Korea is offering replacements of faulty iPad and iPod with brand new ones. Apple had reportedly begun offering replacements for defective iPhone 4 back in April and now it has decided to offer the same for

Apple Discloses iOS 5.1.1 Security Specifics Update

Apple recently revealed security specifics of iOS 5.1.1 update on its support webpage, after it released iOS 5.1.1 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The company revived its support webpage regarding the new software’s security tweaks that include one