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New, Arbitrary iPhone 5 Announcement Date Claim: August 7th

Know Your Mobile has trotted out August 7th as their roulette number for the iPhone 5 announcement, citing “reliable sources.” As the summer rolls on in the northern hemisphere, we’re bound to get an increasing number of moonshot guesses and

Possible 2012 iPhone 5 Announcement Dates

No one has even a clue about when the iPhone 5 could drop in 2012. But that doesn’t stop us from staking out a few possible dates, events, and times. In the wake of Apple doing the unthinkable — changing

Last Weekend Before iPhone 5 (or 4S) Announcement Rumor Roundup

We’re almost down to the wire, but here’s a sampler of last-minute rumors and commentary making the round of the blogosphere this last weekend before Tim Cook reveals all on Tuesday. iPhone 4S With iPhone 4 Design, Dual-mode Capability, Leaked

Sprint Will Audiocast Rumored iPhone 5 Event, Confirms 4G Announcement

Sprint’s PR department updated the iPhone 5 News Blog today with a little bit of news regarding their scheduled October 7th media event, which many in the media believe will be used to announce the launch of the iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Announcement Officially Scheduled – October 4th


The Release Of The iPhone 5 Couldn’t Come Soon Enough many cell phone users around the Globe. The announcement that Apple had sent out announcement to most of the major media sources was a breath of fresh air for iPhone

Facebook Deletes iPhone 5 Fan Pages Ahead of October 4th Announcement

Facebook’s move to delete several top iPhone 5-related fan pages points to a big Facebook-related iPhone announcement at the media event on October 4th, and the possibility that the next iPhone may indeed be called “iPhone 5.” On Monday of

Apple Confirms October 4th iPhone Announcement; Invitations Sent

For once, all of the rumors have proven to be true. After the mainstream media reported that the iPhone 5 announcement would come on October 4th at Apple’s own Cupertino, CA venue, all of that information has finally come true.

iPhone 5 Timeline: iOS 5 Next Week, Announcement the Week After

  This should be a reassuring image for you: it stands to reason that millions of iPhone 5 units stand ready at the assemblers’ plants, their butts turned upward waiting to be loaded with iOS 5, capping the final production

Invitation Day: iPhone 5 Announcement Speculation Intensifies

September 14th has become a new speculative line in the sand for iPhone 5 enthusiasts, with many expecting press invites to go out today for a media event next week. Dawn in Cupertino, California. Apple’s PR team is waking up,

Opinion: iPhone 5 Announcement Delay Cased By Buzz, Jobs’ Illness

If the early October iPhone 5 release rumors are true, then why hasn’t Apple announced the new iPhone yet? The unprecedented iPhone 5 hype may have something to do with it. Ok — this is getting ridiculous. More articles today