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Data-Crunching Analyst Suggests Repeat Of Apple’s iPhone 4S Upgrade Formula

Asymco blogger Horace Dediu is a number-cruncher and IT commentator who researches and graphically interprets and analyzes various industry metrics. His blog is usually worth a look. An eight-year former employee of Nokia, with a MBA from Harvard Business School,

Analyst: iPhone 5 Will Make LTE A Mainstream Feature In 2012

For years now, 4G LTE has been heralded as the “next generation” of mobile community. Analysts now believe that the iPhone 5 will indeed be LTE, and its sales and popularity will make 4G LTE the new standard for smartphones.

Major Apple TV Price Prediction – Apple Analyst Speaks

Gene Munster is a very popular name in the Apple-gadget circles. He’s been a very famous analyst – and in a recent at comment at Business Insider’s IGNITION, he asked those who’re thinking about buying a TV to wait for

‘iPhone 4S’ Only New iPhone Coming This Year – Wedge Analyst

BGR’s Zach Epstein is reporting that Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair In a note to investors on Wednesday, says that manifold rumors to the contrary, the only new iPhone model Apple will be launching this this fall will be a