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What’s In A Name? – Will The New iPhone Get An A6 SoC After All?

Less than two weeks to go now before all is revealed about the new iPhone’s specifications, and several potential features are still being hotly debated – notably dissonance over whether the new Apple phone will support Near Field Communications (NFC)

How to Fix – Personal Hotspot Missing in iPhone After iOS Update

Personal Hotspot is a great feature on the iDevices – iPhone and iPad – which enables you to connect a lot of other devices to the internet through your iDevice. This feature is network-specific and has special charges (Verizon brought

New 19-Pin Dock Connector To Support Micro USB After All?

Here’s another spin on the rumor that Apple is planning to replace the venerable 30-pin connector port in the new iPhone with a new, more compact 19-pin proprietary dock connector format. xtom at the Italian Melablog site speculates (a tip

Facebook IPO Fails to Beat the Hype After Glitch on NASDAQ

It wasn't a smooth launch at the NASDAQ this morning, but Facebook finally began trading for the first time as a publicly traded company. After a 30-minute delay that compounded the hype, concern and intense interest in the largest-ever tech

Zynga Nearly Doubles Mobile Users After OMGPOP Acquisition

Zynga has more daily active users on mobile games than any other network, according to CEO and founder Mark Pincus. The company's revenue grew 32 per cent from the year-ago period to $ 321m, but it closed the latest quarter

How to Set Music App to Stop Playing Music After a Set Amount of Time?

How to set time in Music App in iPhone so that you can automatically stop the music your iPhone? It’s actually a neat little trick shared by The iPhone Blog. Read on to find out how you can set your

iOS 5 Tip: iPhone-iPad running slow after installing iOS 5? Here’s the Solution

Don’t worry if your favorite gadget has become snappy because here is the complete solution for iPad/iPhone running slow after installing iOS 5. While using your Apple device, if you are getting stuck between… or you have to wait to

iPhone 5 Timeline: iOS 5 Next Week, Announcement the Week After

  This should be a reassuring image for you: it stands to reason that millions of iPhone 5 units stand ready at the assemblers’ plants, their butts turned upward waiting to be loaded with iOS 5, capping the final production