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The New iPhone 5 Mini Dock Could Support USB 3.0?

A strange but very detailed post over at AppleInsider takes a look at the possibility of Apple switching to USB 3.0 with the new dock connectors in place. We have been reporting on the mini-dock connectors for a while now

Everything Everywhere Could Bring You iPhone 5 with 4G In the United Kingdom

In a somewhat immediate after-effect of Ofcam’s approval of Everything Everywhere’s 4G proposal, “sources” of Pocket-lint have seem to have hinted that Everything Everywhere would be carrying the iPhone 5 with 4G support. Although it seems a direct consequence of

You Could Probably Pre-order iPhone 5 On Sept. 12th

News about iPhone 5′s imminent announcement and launch are already up in the air. With more leaked parts showing up across cyber space, it appears that most sources that confirmed a September 12th release / announcement are going to be

iPhone 5 Could be 7.6mm Thin | Possible Leaks of Sketches

MobileFun.co.uk, a leading mobile phone and accessory retailer in the UK, posted sketches of possible iPhone 5 case and that has somewhat raised the level of confirmation as far as iPhone 5 is concerned. With iPhone 5 launch date rumored

iPhone 5 Could Feature HD FaceTime Camera – A September/October Release Expected

We’re hearing more rumors from privately circulated notes by investment experts and analysts these days. KGI’s analyst Mingchi Kuo has said, in a note, that Apple’s sixth-gen iPhone would be seeing quite a few adjustments to it. In the note

Could Three Close Down Over 4G Auction?

Hutchison Whampoa, the Asian parent company of mobile operator Three, has reportedly threatened to withdraw from the UK market if its network is not guaranteed spectrum in the forthcoming 4G auction. According to The Sunday Times, Hutchison MD Canning Fok

Apple HDTV/iPanel Release Date Could Be in Q4 2012 | The “iPanel” Rumor Begins

It is merely hours since Barron reported about Peter Misek’s email containing several rumors and observations on the Apple HDTV. Starting from a strange nomenclature, calling it the iPanel, the report looks very unlikely as pointed out by top-players like 9to5Mac.

Google TV Release Date in Europe Could be in September 2012

Well this could be some good news for those in Europe, especially in countries such a France, Germany, Spain and even U.K. Sony could launch Google TV across Europe according to this report here. From the report, we gather that

Lost Phones Could Cost US Consumers $30bn in 2012

If every mobile phone lost in the US was never recovered, it would carry a total cost of more than $ 30bn in 2012 alone, according to a new report from Lookout. US residents lose a smartphone about once a

AT&T Limits Its Grandfathered-In Unlimited Data Plan; Sprint Could Benefit With 4G iPhone 5

AT&T has tried to match Sprint in the marketplace as a price leader in data plans. But a new report today reveals that the U.S. mobile giant is using limitations and data “throttling” once users reach a data usage threshold,

HP CEO Suggests Google Could Make Android A Closed-Source OS For Motorola, Like Apple’s iOS

One of the Android community’s long-standing bragging rights over Apple’s iOS is that Android is an open-source platform. But HP CEO Meg Whitman suggests that Google’s acquisition of Motorola could mean that Android could become proprietary to Motorola devices, just

iPad 3 Could Debut On March 29th: Rumor

A scheduled Apple event and plenty of actionable intelligence about production ramping up gives us a good sense that the iPad 3 could debut at the end of March. Thus far, few prognosticators have had much luck in predicting the

How you can Set Once-a-year Desired goals That One Could all of which will Achieve

At the beginning of a new year, it really is organic that our views use in which we would like to be and exactly how much we certainly have are available. Perhaps it would be fantastic when this time pick

iPhone 5 Release Date Could be Delayed?

Stemming from a report that Verizon was actually struggling with its 4G LTE network infrastructure, there are now reports on various websites that iPhone 5 release date could be delayed. iPhone 5 rumors have been in the loop for about

Big iPhone 5 Screen Could Throw App Developers Into Flux

The recent rumors are suggesting that the iPhone 5 will indeed feature a larger screen. But a larger screen also means that app developers will have to retool their apps for the new resolution. In an iPhone 5-related report filed

Rumor of Defective Component Suggests iPhone 5 Could Be Close To Completion

A new report out of Asia is indicating that the full-fledged iPhone 5 never materialized in 2011 due to a faulty key component. If this is the case, then the iPhone 5 might be just one piece away from completion.