Why Doesn’t Siri Understand Me? – Infographic

People had purchased an iPhone 4S hoping to get the best of its voice assistant Siri that would help them command their phone with their voice. But, disappointingly it didn’t turn out as expected. When Siri was given an order it either didn’t understand or after a pretty long wait, responded with the wrong answer. A person was even reported to have filed a lawsuit against Apple accusing that the ads praising Siri were false and misleading as the voice assistant didn’t function as advertised.

OnlineDegrees.com, an internet portal created a Siri Infographic with the help of the information gathered from different sources like The Wall Street Journal and ABC News. The infographic gives the following information:

  • 87% users have claimed to use Siri at least once a month with 55% satisfied with the service, 9% not satisfied and 36% lie in between.
  • 1/3rd of Siri users use it for making phone calls, searching internet and texting messages while others don’t let Siri have much control over their lives. 35% of the users would never schedule their meetings with Siri, 32% would never play music with it and 30% wouldn’t use it even to send emails.
  • Siri has a lot of data usage. It seems to eat up on it. While 40KB is used for a basic task, 15KB and 75KB is used for messages and emails respectively and 100KB is used for advanced tasks.
  • For queries Siri uses Google mainly and for too many queries it makes use of Wolfram Alpha, accounting for almost 25% of its search traffic.
  • There are also some secret Siri commands known only to the knowledgeable. They are keeping texts professional, searching inbox, locating friends and even planning a movie or getting sports scores.

51% of the users are in favor of Siri being incorporated among the features of the future iPhones. So it seems this voice assistant has still a long way to go.



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