When Will The iPhone 5 Be Ready For Release?

iPhone 5 Conceptualization

iPhone 5 Conceptualization

The biggest factor in the iPhone 5 being “ready” could center around 4G LTE networking.

AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon are each going to build out their own LTE networks at their own pace, and while Apple would prefer to wait to involve itself in LTE until at least a majority of U.S. customers have local access to it, that’s not the determining factor.

The biggest LTE stumbling block, and the likely reason the iPhone 5 didn’t debut this year, is that LTE antennas are very large and use an unacceptable amount of battery power (ask anyone who owns one of the ill-fated current 4G LTE phones on competing platforms).

Apple, with its fondness for thin and light devices, won’t go LTE until next generation LTE antennas are ready and can fit into the iPhone 5 without making it the size of a whale. If chipset makers don’t come up with small low-power LTE antennas quickly enough, Apple could opt to design its own.

But how soon such chips are ready in quantity will go a long way toward determining when the iPhone 5 is pragmatically ready for release date…



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