The iPhone 4S Released. When’s the iPhone 5 Coming Out Then?

Is the iPhone 5 still in sight?

Is the iPhone 5 still in sight?

So as we all now know, Apple held their famous product-release conference and to the disappointment of many of us, there was no iPhone 5 released.

Don’t get us wrong, the iPhone 4S looks like a pretty incredible phone: it has a dual-core processor that will make doing virtually anything on the iPhone much faster, a 8MP camera for much better photos and a handful of other internal upgrades.

But that exactly seems to be the issue for many people who have been patiently waiting for over a year now for Apple’s next iPhone.

The iPhone 5 rumors mostly pointed at two iPhones being released by Apple during the conference and since Apple stated that the conference would only run for approximately 1.5 hours, most people realized that there would be no iPhone 5 about half-way through.

iPhone 5 May Arrive Much Sooner Than Most Anticipate

So, when will this wild iPhone 5 finally show itself to the public? Well, it actually might be much sooner than you think. Apple, for the first time, released the iPhone 4S to the public in their own building instead of at a massive conference center of some sort.

Apple must clearly know that the iPhone 4S wouldn’t be the biggest deal to most people hoping for a completely revolutionized iPhone 5 and could be waiting for a later date to release it.

Some people say that the iPhone 5 will be released as soon as next week, with other pointing at it being nearer to the Holiday Shopping season.

Whatever it is, we still feel that the iPhone 5 will be arriving much sooner than we expect it to be.

Also, if you’ve been looking to access our Facebook group recently and couldn’t, it’s because Facebook has taken it to themselves to remove the page for some reason without any notification. They claim that the page will return, however, so stay tuned.


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