The Apple TV Did Not Appear At the CES 2012 – Now What?

Apple TV did not appear at the CES 2012. But is that going to matter at all? We almost know Apple TV is coming – and it’s coming big. Read on to find out how Apple TV is going to beat the market with its special features.

Well, there’s nothing to be read here! What do you expect if people talk excitedly about something at Cupertino making a debut at Las Vegas fair? Apple has never been that interested in such popular trade shows when it comes to debuting its products – especially the top of the line. So Apple TV not appearing at the recently concluded CES 2012 is no surprise. And no heartbreak either!

But oh yeah, there are quite a lot of rumors already in the air again about Apple TV, specs, features, release date and more. We’re hearing – once again – that Apple TV is a giant. “An Elephant” in the room. 55-inches or so. Big thing, right? Of course yes.

apple-tv-itvQuite sometime back, before CES 2012 was about to start, we had reports speaking about Jony Ive having a huge 55-inch Apple TV prototype in his locked-down studio. It’s not just the size that is making the rounds, though. After all, 55-inches has become a common thing in the television parlance. Samsung, LG and almost most other popular television makers are “been there, done that” guys. So what is it that still pulls the crowd even towards Apple TV news?

Agree or not, Siri is world-famous. It just pulls the crowd. Ask it something, anything and it answers back just like a human. How about having that on your TV? In your living room? Cool, right? Well, that’s precisely what experts thing Apple TV is about to offer you. Siri would control your TV for you, through your voice commands.

This one was both a surprise and a non-surprise! First off, not many are talking about FaceTime on Apple TV, but with those that are, it’s like an open secret! FaceTime has featured in almost all the devices that Apple has released of late.. iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch 4G. So what makes you think FaceTime won’t feature on Apple TV spec sheet? Looks like FaceTime would certainly be a feature on it.

Greater than 1080p Resolution
Sharp’s already on the 4K system – a resolution that outdoes the 1080p by four times! So Apple – the legend behind the retina display – could very well eye for resolutions that are larger than 1080p. BluRay becoming a default video format, it looks like it’s high time TVs with greater resolutions arrived.

Well, there are not just the only things on the Apple TV feature list. There are more. But the release date is as yet unknown – with some optimists calling it Fall 2012. Let’s wait and watch – and we’ll keep you informed of every latest update on Apple TV release date, prices and features. Just stay tuned!


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