Surprisingly Accurate Photo of iPhone 5 (Concept Picture)

Although we truly won’t know what the iPhone 5 will look like until it comes out in the next couple weeks, this artist’s conceptualization of what the fifth-generation iPhone will look like is surprisingly accurate when compared to rumors of what it will look like.

First off, the concept iPhone 5 has the rumored tear-drop shape that many analysts have been speculating that the iPhone 5 would be adopting. Second, the top left of the concept image shows some sort of a lock-button that has also been rumored to become a new feature on the smartphone.

The artists rendering of the iPhone 5 also features the iPhone’s next generation operating system, iOS 5, which Apple released at their WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) a couple months back.

iPhone 5 Conceptualization

iPhone 5 Conceptualization

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One Response to Surprisingly Accurate Photo of iPhone 5 (Concept Picture)

  1. Crown says:

    “Surprisingly Accurate”???
    They would have to actually see the phone first in order to make that claim.

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