Siri Cracked! Can Now Work From Any Device?

Now, this is getting technical but if you are all game for it, then you could probably use Siri from your Mac, iPad or any other device as long as you route it through an iPhone 4S.

If you are someone to tinker with code, protocol and HTTPS, you could very well make your own system where Siri reads your speech commands and tries to do something valid out of it – no matter which device you are using.

The basic idea behind Applidium’s method seems to be understanding the working of Siri.

Siri, as you might already know, works from any iPhone 4S. It runs over a secure connection (HTTPS) which also adds that Siri works and responds only if the commands come from an iPhone 4S device. But how does Siri find out that the commands are from iPhone 4S? For that, it uses identifiers which go over some secure dns that goes like

The thing with the Applidium method is that it uses a lot of files that you can obtain from their github here.

According to their blog on cracking Siri, the idea has been simplified – as Siri identifies itself a lot, they create a fake dns and root security certificate which lets them pass commands as if from an iPhone 4S – and that makes it work from any device.

This means, as long as you know how to use their tools to create an application or a gateway to make Siri think your commands are coming from an iPhone 4S, you can use Siri on your Mac, iPad, or whatever device you choose to use.


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