Singapore Apple Carriers Are Selling The iPhone 4S Without Camera

Latest news from the Jakarta Globe! Three of Apple’s carrier partners in Singapore are planning to bring some important changes in the iPhone 4S models and the changes are that they would be providing iPhone 4S without cameras. This step has been taken especially for the military members who are not allowed to carry devices with cameras in their bases.Singapore_no_camera_iphone_4sIt has also been reported that such phones have not yet been officially sanctioned. What the carriers will actually do is just remove the cameras from the standard devices before they sell them and then charge a premium for the service. However, by removing the cameras, Apple’s 12-month warranty on the device will also become void. It may be that they are offering their own warranties to protect the customers from laying hands on defective pieces.

Following a year-long review, Mindef [the Singapore Defense Ministry] recently issued guidelines to its servicemen on the use of such smartphones.

It is understood that servicemen with these phones must show a certificate to prove that their handsets were modified by any one of the local telcos.

Last September, Mindef spokesman Desmond Tan told The Straits Times that Mindef and the SAF were ‘exploring ways to allow our personnel to use smartphones while maintaining our current security policy on disallowing personal image-capturing devices to be used on Mindef/SAF premises’.

Many other governments besides the Singapore government restrict the use of camera enabled phones especially in sensitive locations. However, Singapore’s carriers seem to have made the most official attempt to ensure that the iPhone users get good pieces.

Via: CultofMac, MacRumors


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