Review: OrganiDoc HD App – A Cool File Management App For iPad

The OrganiDoc HD is a fantastic app if you love the traditional folder type view instead of the Apple’s natural way of showing your the files on iPad. In many ways, it’s the best productivity app for iPad when it comes to file management and organizing. The app also works on iPad 2 and has just had an update too.

Okay so What’s Special About OrganiDoc HD?

You might ask what’s there on the app to actually be considered amongst a list of best productivity Apps for iPad 2 or original iPad. The app is simply a folder/file management system for your iPad. The app is very useful because:

  • It brings a very familiar interface that segregates files well – all accessible quickly through tabs so your workflow is simple and organized.
  • The OrganiDoc HD has a very fantastic interface. It combines the traditional view with the “tab” type view so that all you documents, videos, music, photos and more are quickly accessible right from Tabs.
  • The OrganiDoc HD is a perfect Tab Flash Disk on the Go. If you had ever thought having a flash drive or an external HD would’ve been nice, the OrganiDoc HD satisfies that need for you, right on the iPad 2.
  • It’s a very perfect system for storing files on cloud – through DropBox, or Google Docs – and still gives you quick and easy access to the files and documents.
  • It brings a very neat way to transfer files between PC and iPad – even through Wi-Fi.
  • It lets you edit the files through native apps from the iPad – or in the case of media, it also converts the files to iPad-specific media formats and plays them for you!
  • Excellent management – you can not only transfer files, but also segregate them according to different view options, or custom options so that the view of the file system is YOURS completely.
  • Protect or publicize files – this is the best part. OrganiDoc HD also lets you protect your files and folders to enhance the security of certain files you want to protect more.
  • True and perfect support for ZIP and RAR files too. OrganiDoc HD can also unzip zipped files.
  • Email files right from the app – makes sharing files easiest.

Price: $ 4.99


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