Record Skype and VoIP Calls on iPhone With SkyRecorder App

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eFusion has introduced SkyeRecorder application to the Apple App Store, which has the capacity to record and store the conversations, that has been done over services such as: Skype or through other VoIP calls ( Voice Over IP) services or wither iOS viber application services. SkyRecorder is a kind of application for people who need to write down the note of the conversations, but anyhow they fail in doing so.

SkyRecorder iPhone App will help you to record the voice of both the person and that conversations may help you in future for writing notes and also if they want to refer some point specifically. The only thing you need to do is touch a single button and the remaining thing will be done by the recorder. Also, there is no time bound, you can record the conversation up to your wish or until the storage capacity is not full.

One distinct functionality which Sky Recorder provides is, their user can easily import or export the old audio sessions which they have saved in the past. Most of us are in dilemma that SkyRecorder doesn’t have the capability to record actual telephonic conversations, rather than; we believe that it only emphasis on VoIP services such as: verin or Skype calls.

The basic advantage of using SkyRecorder is that “you will not have to struggle with the words” that what were the words said by the person. You can easily listen afterwards and you keep a record of the dates and timings which you have discussed on the conversation. All this things is possible only if you have installed SkyRecorder app.

The features of SkyRecorder are very unique and distinct in nature, if you downloaded the application for iPhone or iPad. A benefit of SkyRecorder is as follows:

  • It also supports external stereo mic
  • There is no time bound of recording
  • You can easily restart recording, even if you are interrupted by other incoming call.
  • Using USB iTunes, you can easily import/ export audio files. (.wav format file only)
  • It easily supports any Os (Mac, Windows, Linux, or any other) for playing the recorded files.
  • User can easily interface.

However, the application is not universal. But still you can operate it in iPad as well s in 1x and 2x and iOS 4.3 or above.

How to Record Skype Calls on iPhone with SkyRecorder:
Step 1:
You will first need to install SkyRecorder on your Device.

Step 2:
Now, you will just need to put tap on “Record” button, and switch on to any preferred VoIP app to make call to record.

In addition, SkyRecorder has the facility to record speakerphone conversations also. This feature is only supported once you are aware with the first occurrence and then, you will just need to switch on to SkyRecorder for recording.

SkyRecorder is available to download on App Store for $ 1.99.


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