New Halloween themed pack coming to Project: Breaking Point sale

The Men OF Honor is celebrating halloween with new free content for Project: Breaking Point which became the 14th top downloaded app in Japan on October 2nd. We are also dropping the price down to .99 cents to make it the must have app for Halloween. If you are one of thousands of people who have already downloaded Project: Breaking point, then we have good news for you! And if not, even better.

First off, if you already own Project: breaking point, one of the best, most beautiful and original Brick Breaking games of all times, then we are pleased to announce that you’ll be getting some free new contend very soon. This new content is a Halloween themed pack that will include new pets and more.

These pets can be equipped to scare your friends. How? Project: Breaking Point is a revolutionary brick breaker game, so just get your friend to play it while one of the two new Halloween pets is equipped. These pets will spawn a frightening image in the middle of the game along with a horrifying scream to scare the living ghost out of your friends!

We are not responsible for any injuries, soiling, crying, unwanted pregnancy, heart attacks, eyes falling, snot spewing, jumping, or any other negative or unwanted effects that this new scary content may have on your friends or yourself.


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