MyLAB Pro iPhone App – Sing to the Right Tune

Singing is not just about the lyrics. It has many dynamic aspects such as tune, notes, tone and pitches. I love singing, but I didn’t know how to correct myself in these key areas. I looked at App Store for help and of course, found an app that can solve this problem.

MyLAB Pro iPhone AppMyLAB Pro is an app that lets users rehearse their favorite songs as many times as they want. They can select the song they like, press the recording button and start singing. After recording their performance, they can access the recorded songs from Rec List section. It lets them remove the background music to analyze it. Therefore, MyLAB helps users make the needed changes and perform again.

This app can also be used as a mobile language lab to improve the pronunciation of users by adding a perfect accent to it. As language learning is all about hearing and practicing, this feature is a handy one and is also cost effective. However, MyLAB Pro doesn’t come with any built-in language lessons. This well-designed app offers attractive skins to let users customize it.

Features of MyLAB Pro iPhone App

  • It is an all-round vocal recording app.
  • Highly versatile with a wide range of features and options.
  • Offers the flexibility of a personal recording studio.
  • Comes with all the tools to let users perfect their delivery.
  • Allows users to develop confidence at their own pace.

Can we afford a personal recording studio? No, most of us certainly can’t. Therefore, it is advisable to have MyLAB Pro in the iPhone, if you are an aspiring singer. This is the great way to test and tune your voice. This app is available for US $ 1.99 and is compatible with the iPhones and iPads running iOS 4.3 or later.


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