Major Apple TV Price Prediction – Apple Analyst Speaks

Gene Munster is a very popular name in the Apple-gadget circles. He’s been a very famous analyst – and in a recent at comment at Business Insider’s IGNITION, he asked those who’re thinking about buying a TV to wait for the next-best-thing in TVs – the Apple TV.

In what can be called a very big surprise – and a huge modern prophecy too – Gene has spoken of several aspects of the iTV. Here are some of the things, as we found on Business Insider’s report:

Apple TV Price
Image By: Piper Jaffray
  • The Apple TV release date, according to Gene, looks very much promising. The prediction stands at second half of 2012 (which roughly works out to be Sept-Oct 2012). While many still believe the iTV release date would be 2013 at best, this estimate seems quite plausible given the fact that there’s still a lot of time left for October 2012! Still, we think it’s a bit too early to jump on this one. There’s still no news from any manufacturers (especially Sharp) regarding the units.
  • The Apple TV Cost is certainly going to be kind of huge. From Gene, we hear that the Apple TV Price would probably be twice as much as that of conventional televisions. This could mean the Apple TV retailing for about $ 1600 considering an average $ 800 for normal TVs.
  • Like many other people, Gene also thinks that Apple TV is surely a full-television set and not an upgrade on the Apple TV Box that came in 2010. Well, there’s nothing you can say about that for now! We all just hope it is – because Steve’s biography does talk about it.
  • The Apple TV will integrate seamlessly with all other iDevices like iPad, iPhone, iPod etc. This seems highly possible and logical too.
  • The Apple TV will have different controllers – and would have the capability of being controlled through voice via Siri-like functionality. This is what almost everyone’s been talking about. Remote controls apart, Siri-like functionality is what seems to be the top feature that is expected out of the Apple iTV.
  • According to Gene, the iTV might also come in a range of sizes. Considering the market expanse for televisions of different screen-sizes, this is another good prediction but it would take us a lot of time to come to a more safer guessing zone regarding this issue.

So those were some really bold guesstimates. Sometime sooner or later there’s just going to be some leak or release of information and we’ll get a clearer picture of things – no pun intended – on Apple TV release date, price and specs. We’ll keep you informed.


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