Klip for iPhone: Video Sharing iPhone App

Of the various apps that you get to see every day on the App Store, Klip for iPhone is something that you just can’t miss. Absolutely!

What happens when social features meet videos? Oh, forget YouTube – that’s a far cry when you compare it to Klip. It’s that awesome, I tell you!

Klip for iPhone Video Sharing iPhone AppOkay, what’s Klip exactly? Klip is a simple app to download videos straight from websites like YouTube – no matter what the length and what the size. It is a super cool solution to download videos as you watch them, and store them all in a place. But wait, that’s not all!! Klip is something much more than that, and that’s where it beats every other app!

Klip comes with the ability to capture videos too! You can capture those special moments of yours via Klip – and it gets better – share it on all your social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and also on your profile on Klip! In many ways, this is like uploading videos on YouTube. In case you want to upload the captured video only to YouTube, Klip lets you do that too! That’s why Klip is the best video sharing app for iPhone.

But where do the social features come from? Besides sharing on social websites, uploading your video clips directly to YouTube, there’s something more to Klip that is just awesome. And that’s where you’ll be surprised.

Klip is a community. There are many other ‘klippers’ you can follow, videos you can browse – videos that are uploaded by other ‘klippers’ and you also get notifications and can start having loads of followers for your profile. In fact, that’s what makes Klip highly social – it’s something like Facebook but for videos! You can even browse for videos under topics of your choice – and have a great time!

There are many a video sharing app for iphone that have been modeled after Klip, but none has tasted as much success as Klip has. Klip for iPhone stays free despite all that success. It’s a simple, very user-friendly and attractive app for the iPhone which makes video-sharing most simple and cool.




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