June 23rd – iPhone 5 Will Have Two LED Flashes


iPhone 5 With 2 LED Flash Concept

iPhone 5 With 2 LED Flash Concept

According to a report by Digitimes, Apple’s iPhone 5 will feature not one, but two LED flashes on the cornered ends of the smartphone.The report states that Apple recognized that many problems were arising for people taking pictures with their iPhone 4 where their fingers/hand would slightly block the effects of the flash.

We originally believed that Apple was planning on solving this issue for the iPhone 5 by shifting the LED flash to the right side of the iPhone, but it seems that; at least according to the report, that they’re simply going to place two instead.

Apple may have chosen to have two LED flashes because it was more cost effective than removing one and shifting it over to the other side. However, some analysts are stating that they’ve had the intention to have two LED flashes for the iPhone 5 or whatever the next generation iPhone would’ve been for quite some time.

Report: iPhone 5 Will Have Two LED Flashes

This report may be a bit of a rumor-overload, as even speculating about the number of LED flashes the iPhone 5 will have is quite unimportant, in our opinion, it’s still pretty interesting and might shed some light (haha, get it?!) on the direction they’re heading with regards to future iPhones and their cameras.

Also, imagine how much easier it is to search for stuff with your iPhones flash now that the iPhone 5 may have twice the amount of lighting! That’s what we’re pumped most about!

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