June 22nd – Bloomberg Says iPhone 5 Coming in September

iPhone 5 In September Says Bloomberg

iPhone 5 In September Says Bloomberg

Bloomberg has just reported that the iPhone 5 is set to be released this September and highlights a number of features that have been rumored to be featured on the phone as well.

The Bloomberg report states that Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone, the iPhone 5, will be released in September 2011 and announced sometime in August 2011 as well. The report goes on to say that the iPhone 5 will feature an eight megapixel camera; a pretty impressive bump up from the iPhone 4′s 5 megapixel one. Dark Knight Rises

The report also states that the iPhone 5 will have a faster processor, will support GSM/CDMA networks and will also be packed with other more minor upgrades from the iPhone 5. Dark Knight Rises

Bloomberg Report: iPhone 5 Will Be Released This September; No Sign of An iPhone 4S

However, the report went on to deny reports that the iPhone 5 would be completely redesigned and stated that their contacts with Asian suppliers of previous iPhone parts suggests that the iPhone 5 will be aesthetically the same as the iPhone 4.

This goes in accordance with the most legitimate and mainstream rumors we’ve witnessed in the past couple months/weeks (take a look at our iPhone 5 archive, we dare you!). Dark Knight Rises

We, along with a number of other tech-sites, reported quite a while ago that the iPhone 5 would not be revolutionary, but rather that it would be evolutionary in that most of the differences and upgrades would be internal.

Saying that, this report really doesn’t shed any new light on the iPhone 5 and what it will actually turn out to be, but it’s still pretty great to have the source of all sources backing that idea as well.

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