July 1st – Suppliers Begin Preparing For iPhone 5; October Seems Most Likely

iPhone 5 Coming Soon

iPhone 5 Coming Soon

According to a recent report by Digitimes, suppliers in Apple’s iPhone supply-chain are preparing for a September announcement of the iPhone 5 and a October release of the smartphone to the consumer market.The report cites a number of discussions they’ve allegedly had with numerous parts of Apple’s iPhone supply-chain in Taiwan, and have come to the conclusion that the iPhone 5 will debut in September and go on sale in October.

The report also went on to dismiss rumors that the iPhone 5 would be released alongside a cheaper, more basic iPhone that many tech-industry analysts dubbed the ‘iPhone-mini’.

Apple is expecting to gradually crank up production of the iPhone 5 and is aiming to produce between 6-7 million iPhone 5 units in the third quarter.

Report: iPhone 5 Will Be Announced In September and Released To Market In October

Demand for the iPhone 4 is at an all time high, with shipments of the smartphone reaching a quarter of a million units and Apple hopes to gradually reduce the availability and production of the iPhone 4 for a smooth shift over to the iPhone 5.

The companies that were named in the report also included Dynapack; an industry leader in smartphone batteries, TPK Holding; a leader in touch panels, and the obvious Foxconn who has been assembling iPhones since their inception.

While a fifth-generation iPhone is inevitably coming within the next couple months, it is still unsure what the iPhone will be called. Will be it called the iPhone 5 like many are expecting, even though it features more internal upgrades like those that we saw in the shift from the iPhone 3G to the 3GS? Or will it appropriately be named the iPhone 4S?
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