iTunes U Becomes A Separate App – Brings A Classroom To Your iPad

Put simply, iTunes U is the world’s largest catalog of free education content. That’s how the App Store describes iTunes U – the add-on has become a separate app launched today. The iTunes U software brings you some of the best and world-class educational material, content and training straight to your iDevice. The app, although designed for iPhone and iPad, works best on iPad.

Most of the students or lecturers who have used iTunes U would be quite familiar with the concept and would thus find the latest app very useful. The iTunes U is an app designed to bring the complete classroom environment to the students’ and teachers’ iPad. It’s a simple idea developed into a full-fledged classroom environment. iBooks 2 for iPadQuite a lot of features on the iTunes U app are stunning, and even that looks like an understatement.

There are about 500,000 free lectures, videos, books and other resources on various topics and thousands of subjects. According to the app store again, several educational and cultural institutions across 26 countries have contributed to the database of the lectures and materials available for free on the iTunes U app. It is indeed a staggering amount of material out there and would definitely help a lot of students.

What is actually impressive is that most of the features have been retained with enhanced fervor.

For instance, it is now possible for users of iTunes U to integrate iBooks 2 with the app so that highlighted parts of specific textbooks that are related to the current topic you’ve chosen appear at once on iTunes U interface. Accessing course materials, and new iBooks textbooks for iPad have been made very easy and simpler too. Furthermore, the app lets you consolidate all your notes, and materials in one place.

The whole of iTunes U is also very teacher-friendly. Lecturers will find the app very useful because they can post messages to their class, post related materials directly and assign tasks too right from the app. At least six universities are already using iTunes U including Berkeley, UCLA, Universities of Paris, Tokyo etc.

Together, lecturers have put up or contributed to the database of over 500,000 materials – in the form of lectures, notes, videos, books and more.

The catalog function on the iTunes U is the key to the entire database covering a wide range of topics including Algebra, Physics, Economics, Literature, Zoology etc. The app is available as free download on the app store for iPad and iPhone. It can also run on iPod Touch 4G.

Via: MacWorld


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