Is Slimmer iPhone 5 Release Date Confirmed?

Just like its predecessors, the upcoming version of iPhone has become a hot topic for all tech geeks. Apple has become synonymous toy the term, path-breaking. The new variant will be called iPhone 5 and has been assured by the company itself. Apple iPhone 5 would be the 5th generation of iPhone and expectations are very high. However, the demise of Steve Jobs has taken its toll and every critique is questioning the novelty of Apple. Apple didn’t volunteer for this year CES 2012 which has indeed uplifted curiosity quotient.

According to sources, the new iPhone will be the slimmest ever produced by the company. Company insiders, Katy Huberty have reportedly hinted the Apple will be using a novel touch panel technology in order to manufacture slimmer iPhone 5. First half of August has been predicted as iPhone 5 release date.

iPhone 5 Release Date

Huberty also dropped light on the use Qualcomm’s quad-mode chip which will enhance network versatility of slimmer iPhone 5. With the new iPhone, people will able to use any type of LTE network and 3G networks. Apart from that, no concrete information is available about the new phone.

Although, Huberty stressed upon the demand of iPhone 4S which is increasing day by day and looked quite content as she said “such huge demand has definitely surprised us but its adds confidence and has elevated our hopes of getting strong sales with the new model”. She also confirmed that the new iPad or iPad 3 will be launched in the first half of August.

Piper Jaffray also agreed with Huberty’s statement. He also predicted that first half of August will be iPhone 5 release date and added, “I am expecting huge demand for iPhone 5 with the enormous hype surrounding iPhone 5″.


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