iPod Touch 5th Generation Release Date and Features (Rumors)

So there was a time we thought iPod Touch 5th Gen would arrive with all pompous flair. In fact, there was actually nothing different there – it was just an iPod Touch 4G in white.

Quite a lot of rumors went wrong this year. The iPhone 5 never arrived, iPad 3 is presently a summer 2012 affair and the iPod Touch 5G to finish off the list. But rumors for another iPod Touch 5G – the true 5th gen iPod Touch – are beginning to surface again. Amidst the iPhone and iPad milieu, it would be surprising to note that the iPod Touch 4G also requires a major update – and we are hoping the iPod Touch 5G features would be a proper answer to that.

There have been many rumors before regarding iPod Touch 5th Generation release date. However, almost all of them were proved wrong with the white iPod Touch. Nevertheless, we assume Apple would be working on an iPod Touch 5G.

If the iPod Touch 5G is just about to be on the charts, let’s see what could possibly be the iPod Touch 5G features that come as an update over the iPod Touch 4G:

1. Enhanced Processor
Of the many iPod Touch 5G features that are currently being discussed, it would be safer to assume that the iPod Touch 5G would arrive with an enhanced processor than the one it already has. With so many apps coming up on the iPod Touch (which is just an iPhone sans the calling and messages), it would only be safer to have a processor that would fit them all. Should Apple decide to port Siri to iPods, iPod Touch 5G might have Siri too – and that would definitely require a better performance.

2. Better Camera
The iPod Touch 4th Gen has a very poor camera, in comparison to even iPhone 4 or 3Gs. A VGA front-camera and a low-quality rear-camera is all that we have right now. It would be natural to expect a powerful 5-8 MP camera on the iPod Touch 5G features, including some good improvement on the front-facing camera. That would make FaceTime even better than it is – and make the iPod Touch 5G much closer to the iPhone brothers.

3. A Bigger Display?
Although Steve had made clear that Apple would not take the Android route, it is now a question as to whether the displays of iPhones and iPods are set to change. Even though extremely user-friendly, iPhone and iPod users have always complained that their Android counterparts are better with the bigger displays – so, would the iPod Touch 5G features include a somewhat larger display? Chances are high.



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