iPod 720p HD Camera Tweak – Improve iPod Touch 4G Picture Quality Via Jailbreak Tweak

Here’s a simple jailbreak app that lets you improve iPod Touch 4G pictures quality – which, we must all agree, is not impressive at all. At about 0.6 MP (with a meagre 960x720px) the pictures are not at all great.

The iPhones are a totally different ball-game altogether when it comes to camera resolution. There is the 8 MP iPhone 4S which beats every other camera smartphone (except a rare few with the 12 MP offering). The iPhones have had a good resolution all along starting from the 2 MP.
The iPod Touch 4G, however, has been largely dis-regarded when it comes to developments in the camera. Probably, that’s a simple Apple policy – because iPods are largely for music than for other purposes. But, what if you have an iPod Touch 4G and what to improve picture quality on iPod Touch 4G with the existing camera?

That’s where iPod 720p HD Camera comes in.

  • You’ll need a jailbroken iPod Touch 4G for this. You can get quite a lot of jailbreaking softwares for iPod Touch 4G and you can jailbreak it without much ado.
  • Once you’ve jailbroken your iPod Touch 4G, you’ll just need to get to the Cydia store and get the iPod 720p HD Camera app – available on the BigBoss repo. One great thing about the app is that it comes for free.
  • With the app installed, the iPod Touch 4G will take pictures with a resolution of about 1280×960 pixels. That’s a huge increase in the resolution – although we’re yet to see live pictures that the app clicked.

On the whole, the app is great. You can select exposures through the preview mode of your camera and it’s a simple affair clicking pictures on the app because it’s just a tweak to your camera. You can use the camera as you normally would on the iPod Touch 4G. Naturally the photos are saved to your Photo Album directly – so you can be sure your photos do not get lost. Also, the app comes with other tweaks and features too.

Features like capturing moments (as pictures) even when you are on the video mode, are somewhat very helpful.



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