iPhone 5 Release Date Could be Delayed?

Stemming from a report that Verizon was actually struggling with its 4G LTE network infrastructure, there are now reports on various websites that iPhone 5 release date could be delayed.

iPhone 5 rumors have been in the loop for about an year now. In fact, right after the release of iPhone 4, talk about iPhone 5 started. However, last year, when the iPhone 5 was expected to be released, Apple gave us all a surprise – the iPhone 4S. However, the next iPhone, due to be released this year, would certainly be the iPhone 5, if reports from a majority of the websites are to be believed.iPhone 5 Release DateiPhone 5 release date, which was expected to be mid-2012 is now being pushed to a later date. Fall or later is what is presently being said as regards iPhone 5 release date. The exact reason for this guesstimate is not known but it is being said that a network glitch in Verizon’s 4G LTE could be the problem.

4G is the next-gen of telecommunication. We have Samsung mobile phones already released that support 4G. Apple is sure planning a launch into the new generation of communication devices with the next smartphone from its stable. The iPhone 5 features include a 4G LTE support which would make Apple one of the first companies behind Samsung to support 4G network. However, it looks to be dependent on Verizon for the network support. Already faced with hardware glitches and battery issues in the iPhone 4S, Apple, the reports say, does not want to make a hasty launch at all.

Instead, they are willing to let things take their own time. This puts the iPhone 5 release date farther than anticipated already.

The iPhone 5 is believed to have stunning specs. The iPhone 5 features include a faster processor – something more like that on iPad 2, a dual-core processor-backed tab – and also greater display resolutions than the iPhone 4S although we’re not sure if Apple would do it. Another thing that is constantly being touched upon is the display size. While some experts suggest that Jobs would not have let Apple increase the iPhone’s screen size, some are of the opinion that Apple could actually attempt at screens larger than 3.9.”



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