iPhone 5 – A 4-inch Smarty Ready To Come Out This Summer?

Foxconn, if you did not already know, was the company that handled manufacturing for Apple’s iPad and iPhone devices. That’s a ‘was’ because it looks like Apple has now plans to turn to someone called Pegatron to handle the manufacturing.

But why Foxconn’s important now is this:

A Foxconn employee leaked news to 9to5Mac regarding the next iPhone – the iPhone 5 – is ready for production and indicated a summer launch!! Coming from Foxconn, it seems highly trustable. Well, things do not end there. There are other surprises waiting for us besides the summer iPhone 5 release.

iPhone 5 Release Date

The iPhone 5 release dates have almost always been around summer – starting from 2007 when the first iPhone came into existence. However, with iPhone 4S, things have completely gone out of pattern. That was an October release.

Nevertheless, what if Apple was trying to get back to the summer-launch schedule and iPhone 5 release date is really going to be this summer? There are some benefits for Apple here. While the sales of iPhone 4S would still be affected a bit, it would help Apple get high sales of iPhone 5 from those who have postponed getting their iPhone 4S (in the hopes of an iPhone 5 release).

The iPhone 5′s major surprise seems to be a 4-inch display. Well, the report suggests that the display could be even bigger, considering the trend that has been set by Android phones. The iPhone 5’s form-factor, incidentally, has been completely revolutionized and it does not resemble iPhone 4/4S at all!

So that’s an eye-candy for iPhone lovers. A brand new design to look forward to. It was much debated that iPhone would not have a larger screen than 3.5″. Some said Steve was so specific about it. But hold on!! It’s just a leak as yet. Well, yeah, it’s strong enough but we’re not pushing the buttons on it yet.

Among other information, the tear-shape design was quite obviously a hoax. No tear-shapes. The screens are reportedly manufactured by LG for Apple.

Anyway, the iPhone 5 release date looks to be quite uncertain as yet. Summer looks like vague time though – no specifics have been mentioned. With iOS 5.1, Siri, iCloud and loads of other goodies, iPhone 5 release could be quite a phenomenon in the gadget world.



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