iPhone 4S Release Date and Price in India

Presently Apple iPhone 4S is the most advanced smart phone in the market. It comes with amazing new features like Siri –intelligent assistance, A5 Chip for high performance, iOS 5, iCloud, 8 Mega-pixel camera and many more.

The iPhone 4S is finally coming to India. Unlike last time with iPhone 4, where it took about an year or so for the India release, the Apple iPhone 4S is about to be released in India within a month of its release in US.

Indian mobile phone service provider, Aircel has announced that they are going introduce iPhone 4S on 25th November. Regarding Airtel iPhone 4S release date, nothing is as yet confirmed but we are expecting that Airtel too would release it by November 25th.

As you might probably know, various options of contract were offered on the iPhone 4. The same would probably be the case with iPhone 4S too. Of course, we also think the iPhone 4S would cost a couple thousand more compared to the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4S is a highly anticipated smartphone in the Indian market. Quite a lot of hype is surrounding the two iPhones (Aircel iPhone 4S and Airtel iPhone 4S.) A lot of guess-work and rumors are spreading slowly regarding the features each would offer (by which we mean the facilities, the data plans, the message plans etc.)

Of all the touchscreen smartphones available in the market, it’s the Samsung which has been doing good in the Indian market. The entry of iPhone 4S would probably tell us what the buying capacity and the market demand looks like in India.

With so much riding on the release, both Airtel and Aircel would want to entice buyers to their iPhone 4S. It is surprising why Vodafone or other carriers like Docomo have not yet gotten a deal with Apple to bring their own iPhone 4S into the Indian market. However, with two large carriers launching the iPhone 4S in India (that too in such a short time lapse between the US launch and Indian launch), it sure is going to get very interesting.

iPhone 4S Price in India, while iPhone 4S is yet to arrive in India, following is the expected prices.

  • iPhone 4S 16GB for Rs. 37,000 (approx.)
  • iPhone 4S 32GB for Rs. 42,500(approx.)
  • iPhone 4S 64GB for Rs. 48,500 (approx.)

Every bit of information is being tracked down about the iPhone 4S release date in India and will be made available as and when official announcement is done by Apple.



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