iPad 3 & iPhone 5 Release Date Potential Details – Rumor Mill

No, this is not one more iPhone 5 release date speculation that should be rejected summarily. Popular Apple news blog iLounge just reported that one of their most reliable sources has spoken about two of the most important gadgets that we might be looking forward to.

Yes, the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3 release date are being talked about here. The blurb talks about certain design changes in the iPad 3, on the iPhone 5 – and on the probable release date for both the gadgets. The iPhone 5 release date – as yet unconfirmed – seems to be the summer of 2012. Of course, what this clearly indicates is that even though we heard news about iPhone 5 being dropped for iPhone 4S, it is still on the works and could be out soon.
iPhone 5 Release DateThe iPad 3 – rumored to be a tad thicker than its predecessor by 0.7mm – is marked for a March release – although the same report predicts that it could go on display this January – mere two months from now. The iPad 3 would be coming out with a very larger resolution on the 9.7-inch screen. The thickness is due to the dual-LED bar system for the resolution enhancement.

As regards the iPhone 5 release date and specs, it looks like all the rumors about tear-shaped, futuristic and all that stuff about the iPhone 5 design is not going to come true. We heard from Wall Street Journal sometime back that the iPhone 5 prototype that was tested during the time of Steve Jobs had a 4-inch display. The same seems to be retained on the iPhone 5 about to be released soon.

We’ve got one doubt though. If the iPhone 5 – as reported by iLounge – is still in the engineering phase, we suspect it to be out by the summer next year. It would probably take a longer time to get them to the production phase and then release it to the public. But let’s wait. We’ll need more solid information and confirmation about these things, as always!

The battery issue, which is yet to be rectified on iPhone 4S, seems to have bugged the iPhone 5 prototypes too. So we hope they take their time and create something that does not cause fast draining of the battery!



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