iPad 3 Features and Specifications – “Could Siri Figure on iPad 3 Features?”

iPad 3 Features and Specifications – “Could Siri Figure on iPad 3 Features?” is a post from: iPhnoeStuffs4U.com

The iPad 3 release date, the cyberspace is uniformly assuming, is about early summer next year. A March or April 2012 release for the iPad 3 might in fact be a reality. But with all that, what is it that makes people go for iPad, despite having bought iPad and iPad 2? Here’s a list of top-hyped iPad 3 features that are sure to lure the market around it.

iPad has been one of the top-performing tablets in the Tablet market – and has brought about a big revolution in the tablet PC industry. The iPad 3, the 3rd gen iPad from Apple, would be expected to bring some more revolution into the industry and with the success of the iPhone 4S, the expectations are real high. ipad-3-retina-displayAt the moment, we are somewhat sure of certain iPad 3 features – and with iPad 3 references found in iOS 5.1 Beta code, the iPad 3 release date is also being confirmed through various sources and channels – mostly in the supply chain segment (because that’s where the components are made and leaks are aplenty!).

Update (18th February-2012): Is iPad 3 going to have a Retina Display sporting 2048×1536 pixels resolution? Find out what latest repot says on iPad 3 features.

Update (2nd February-2012): BGR has posted leaked image that talks about, the third-generation iPad… which claims that the iPad 3 has many outstanding features. Read more.

Top 3 iPad 3 Specs & Features: 

1). iPad 3 Display – Retina Display Probably?: The iPad 3 specification seems to have one startling feature on the charts – an unimaginably strong display with a resolution reaching up to 2048x1536px – twice that of what you see on iPad 2. The iPad 3 display was first rumored to have a dual LED light – which inflated the size making it thicker than iPad 2, but some work-around had been achieved for that, making iPad 3 as thin as its predecessor.

2). The A6 Processor on iPad 3: The iPad 3 would most certainly feature the A6 processor chip (still rumored but more likely than not). This is because with display resolutions of such intensity (Retina Display), and with so many new apps running on the iPad 3, it would require something more powerful than the A5 which runs on the latest iPhones and iPads. Another aspect that has been touched upon is the battery-life of iPads. If the recent iOS 5.0 battery fiasco is a lesson, Apple would strongly be working on this issue too, as the iPad 3 would be featuring a somewhat closer version to that of iOS 5.

3). Siri on iPad 3: Could Siri feature on iPad specifications? A silent debate – almost unheard of – is being held in some places regarding this. Siri, which made its debut on iPhone 4S and stays there unported as yet, could be a prominent feature on iPad 3! After all, Siri was the selling-point for iPhone 4S in most cases!

The iPad 3 release date is being currently held at summer 2012 or earlier. Let’s wait and watch the proceedings!



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