iOS Vs. Android Infographics – Which Is Your Smartphone?

Check out this cool Android vs. iOS infographic which comes at a time when mobile security is increasingly becoming an important aspect of mobile communications and applications. This one will help you figure out how best to protect your smartphone – and also how to make a good decision when it comes to smartphones.

Security has become an important aspect of mobile communication these days. With more number of people checking their emails, buying stuff, doing online bank transactions through mobiles, security of the mobile phones, the applications etc. are quite serious topics these days.

In view of this, Veracode Application Security released a good Android vs iOS infographic which deals with the security of the smartphones running Android or iOS platforms.

Presented By: VeraCode

You can see the infographic here but here are some of the points that we found very interesting and important enough to be highlighted.

  • Android and iOS are equally good but there are minute features that would give advantage to the one over the other.
    Basic security techniques that every user should follow – and would come in practically very helpful for all smartphone users – are the concepts of enabling auto-password-lock, screenlock, using mobile security software, installing apps that you trust completely, changing passwords often etc.
  • There are considerable weaknesses in both the platforms. For instance, the Android marketplace is one source of threat for Android smartphones. Downloading and installing apps that may be rated on the marketplace, but might be some kind of a malware, could lead to serious risks or damages to the smartphone’s OS. This is not just the case of Android. Itunes App Store has also witnessed such apps being uploaded to the marketplace. Jailbreak is another stuff which people take for granted many times – there are considerable risks with jailbreak too.
  • The Android phones give more ability to the users to modify the device’s UI and other features easily. IOS has several restrictions over it. Although some feel that this feature of Android is a boon, there are risks about it too which may escape our attention at times.
  • Stuff like Geo-location, Auto-erase, theft-control are well incorporated in both Android and iOS, although iOS has better safety features installed by default. For instance, a stolen iPhone can be remotely wiped off while Android users will have to depend on third-party applications for that to happen.
  • While firmware updates are still a thing that iOS does far better, Android is fast catching up with the ability to support lower end devices also.
  • Install applications that are trusted, verified and have good reviews. Most often, secure data is compromised through such apps which are not reviewed properly. Before giving away sensitive information like credit-card data, you should certainly make sure you are giving it to a trusted app and also, not over a public WiFi network.


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