iOS 5 Tips: How to Split the iPad Keyboard For Easier Typing in iOS 5

The iOS 5 brings with it quite a lot of changes. One of the areas where Apple has tried to bring in many modifications is the usability. With the iOS 5, it looks like there is a marked improvement in the usability of the devices – especially with the iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

Here’s a neat little tip that’ll help you split the iPad keyboard for easier typing. The on-screen keyboard splits into two – and become attached to both the corners of the screen so you can type with your thumb while you hold the iPad in your hand. No need to lay the iPad on a flat surface to type anymore.Split iPad KeyboardHere’s how to split iPad keyboard for easier typing: (iOS 5 tip, works on iOS 5)

1. Open any app where you’ll get the keyboard up on the screen.
2. Now, on the right bottom of the keyboard, there’s an icon (with the keyboard sign on it). Tap it.
3. That’ll open up two options – Split and Undock.
4. Tap on Split – that’ll split the keyboard into two.

It’s really as simple as that.

One benefit of using this function is that on the iPad, you wouldn’t need to put the iPad on some flat surface in order to type. The split iPad keyboard is for easier typing – and lets you type with your thumbs just like on a smartphone. Of course, the keys are large enough and do not shrink to a cluttered level – they are well-spaced so you can type smoothly without errors.

The Undock lets you – well – undock the keyboard from its original position. You can drag and drop it to fit anywhere on the screen. Also, if you happen to drag any of the two split keyboards near the other, they join together and become the usual keyboard you’re used to seeing on the iPad.

The feature comes on iOS 5 – and works on iPad and iPad 2 running iOS 5.

So next time you are out with your iPad, have to type something but cannot just put the iPad down (need to hold in both the hands), try using this feature to find out how easy it is to type as if on a smartphone.


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