iOS 5 Tip: Use iOS 5 Zoom Feature To Help You Read Better

The iOS 5 zoom feature is one of the best things that people with poor eyesight / vision could ask for. It lets you control the legibility of the iPhone icons and text – and helps you use the iPhone better. Here’s how to enable the zoom and control it easily.

Much like the computers, smartphones from Apple have begun having wonderful accessibility features to aid those who need much more support than usual.

One of the good things about the iPhone is that the iOS 5 features like zoom and large-text come as a great boon to those who use glasses or those who are somewhat vision-impaired. The Zoom and the Large-text are features available on the Accessibility option and can be used to improve the readability of the texts, icons and the display of the iPhone in general.

While Zoom simply zooms in (like the pinc-to-zoom function), the largetext comes as a great advantage over zoom – it enlarges the text to whatever setting you need / required.

Enabling Zoom

  • Go to the Settings tab.
  • Tap on General.
  • Tap on Accessibility.
  • You’ll see a list of things on this page. Tap on Zoom and turn it on.

Enabling Large-text
Right under Zoom, there’s Large Text. You can set the text to the font-size of your choice.

Using Zoom
Using zoom couldn’t be simpler. Tap the screen once using three fingers – and that toggles the zoom on or off. That’s one of the coolest iOS 5 features (multi-tap gestures) that zoom utilizes.
You can also move about the screen with the zoom by dragging the screen with the three-finger tap.

And what’s even better is, if you double-tap and hold and drag on the screen with three fingers, you can control the zoom level. With a controllable zoom level, the iOS 5 zoom feature just gets better than ever.

The Large Text, as stated before is a simple utility to increase the size of the text. You can only control the text size via the Settings->General->Accessibility page and so, there’s not much of a controllability with the Large Text option.

The iOS 5 Zoom feature would largely help those who use the iPhone a lot – but would need a better vision. The usually small icons and text on the iPhone might not be sufficiently large / legible. With the zoom feature on, you can easily control the legibility of the texts and the images on the iPhone. What’s even better is that with the three-finger tap toggle switch, you can very well keep the Zoom turned to on forever – and toggle it on whenever you need to zoom!


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