How to View High Quality YouTube Videos over 3G

If you’re an iPhone user, you may have found out that it is an amazing device to watch videos on You Tube. But, there is a problem in case you’re travelling as the video quality is reduced due to its built-in You Tube app. Now you may be guessing how to View YouTube HQ Videos over 3G. Well, there’s a method that may help and that is using the jailbreaking tool and an app like My3G.How to View High Quality YouTube Videos over 3GBesides that what you can do is use the stock Safari web browser. Follow the steps given below and watch high quality YouTube videos over 3G:

1) Open Safari
2) Navigate to
3) Find the video you want to watch
4) Select “HQ”
5) Tap the thumbnail

Now you can watch You Tube in its best quality as well as add the web app to your homescreen to replace the default YouTube app by pressing the +, and then “add to homescreen”.


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