How to Take Control of 3G Data usage on iPhone and iPad -The Best Three Ways

Generally people don’t consider how much data they have used once they start browsing internet from iPhone. But later when they check their data usage they start regretting that they have used excess data and they will have to pay for it. If you also face this problem while browsing through your iPhone or iPad or any iOS devices and you want to avoid it in future then the solution is here. There are many ways of being aware of your data and restricting your data usage. Some of the most preferred and useful ways to take control of 3G data usage on iPhone are mentioned below.

Turning off 3G Cellular data off

By turning off cellular data you lose access over 2G and 3G which means that you can’t browse web anymore without enabling it. You can turn off the 3G cellular data by following some simple steps. You just need to go to Settings and click on the option “General”. Then proceed by clicking on “Network” and now just tap the switch to toggle it off.

Use DataMan Pro

You can use DataMan Pro to take control of 3G data on iOS devices because this application keeps an eye on data moving in or out. You can make allowance targets of the data in this application and after reaching that target, DataMan Pro will not allow you to browse till mentioned data until you change it in the settings. You just need is to open this application and set up the targets as per your calculation. Though this is the best benefit of using this application, yet there are many other benefits out of which the best benefit is that you can know how much data you have used.

iCloud for documents and data

To take control of 3G data on iPad you can simply turn off the option “Use Cellular” in iCloud. You will not be able to browse web anymore by toggling it off until you change settings in iCloud again.


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