How to Setup/Activate/Use iPhone 4S on T-Mobile? Complete Guide

How to Setup/Activate/Use iPhone 4S on T-Mobile? Complete Guide.

Thinking of setting up T-Mobile on your iPhone 4S? Well, thousands of people have already done that, and here’s the way.

But first, is it possible?

Oh yes of course. In fact, with unlocked iPhone 4S, even Apple doesn’t seem to mind that people activate T-Mobile on the device. Here’s how to use iPhone 4S on T-Mobile.How to Use-Activate-Setup iPhone 4S on T-MobileHow to Setup iPhone 4S for T-Mobile

Things you will need:

  • An unlocked iPhone 4S purchased from Apple. (without any contract)
  • iTunes and a PC/Mac
  • The original AT&T micro-sim that came with the iPhone 4S
  • An activated T-Mobile micro-sim
  • You’ll first need to activate the phone. Here’s how to activate iPhone 4S on T-Mobile for calls:
  • Switch off the phone
  • Remove the micro-sim (AT&T) that came with it.
  • Insert the T-Mobile micro-sim
  • Switch on the iPhone 4S. If you see any notifications on the iPhone, just ignore it.
  • Now, connect the iPhone 4S to the system. Itunes will open up automatically. (if not, open the application).
  • iTunes will find the iPhone 4S and identify it. A message confirming that your iPhone 4S is unlocked will be displayed.

Now, you can actually make calls only via the T-Mobile network. We’ll need to activate MMS and data separately, so here’s how to do that:

Before you start, make sure to disable WiFi.

Settings → General → Network → WiFi → OFF


  • Tap Settings → General → Network
  • Tap on Cellular Data Newtork
  • Set up the following parameters:
    • APN:
    • Username: (leave blank)
    • Password: (leave blank)
  • Under MMS, set up the following parameters:
    • APN:
    • Username: Leave Blank
    • Password: Leave Blank
    • MMSC:
    • MMS Proxy:
    • MMS Max Message Size: 1048576
    • MMS UA Prof URL:
  • Now, tap on the home button to save the settings.
  • Reboot the iPhone 4S and test the connections through Safari (try opening a website).

iPhone 4S on T-Mobile is as popular as the AT&T but the 3G is something that people of certain parts are not that happy with.  T-Mobile is working on expanding the network. For many people though, T-Mobile comes with some of the best calling rates and pricing, so having the iPhone 4S run on T-Mobile definitely makes it impressive and lucrative.

See the below video of an iPhone 4S on T-Mobile’s EDGE network using Siri:

Via: osXDaily


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