How to Set Music App to Stop Playing Music After a Set Amount of Time?

How to set time in Music App in iPhone so that you can automatically stop the music your iPhone? It’s actually a neat little trick shared by The iPhone Blog. Read on to find out how you can set your music app to stop playing after a set amount of time:

How To Set Your Music App to Stop Playing After A Set Amount of Time?

The Problem
There’s no automatically-stopping the Music app on your iPhone.

Well, it’s not great news if you are one who likes to listen to music as you sleep off. For one, I love to do that often. But there’s only one annoying thing. Either, I have to manually switch the music off before sleeping, or I’ll have to wake up hours later, with the music still running (not to mention draining of the iPhone battery, unnecessarily).

This has happened quite a lot of times and you just can’t set time in Music app in iPhone to stop automatically after a while. There’s not setting for that.

The Solution
Chris at TiPb shared a very cool tip that helps you set time-out – which puts the iPod (music) to sleep after a while. Here’s how to get it:

  • First off, open the Clock App.
  • Choose ‘Timer’ from the bottom list.
  • Set the time-out you want. A few minutes, a few hours, or a few hours and some minutes? Get on. Set it.
  • There’s this option beneath the time setting called ‘When Timer Ends’ – Tap on it
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the list that opens. Tap on ‘Sleep iPod’
  • Tap ‘Set.’
  • Now, launch the music app, relax and enjoy. That’s it!

After the timer lapses, the music app automatically stops playing. So you can set a half-hour timer, start listening to sleep-inducing music, and just doze off without worrying about the iPhone playing the music beyond half-an-hour!

So this is how oto set your Music App to stop playing after a set amount of time.


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