How to Reinstall Cydia on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch?

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Reinstalling Cydia on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad might be easy or otherwise depending on which process you follow. Cydia, as you might know, runs only on jailbroken iDevices. It is much like the package of iPhone, which lets you download applications for your iPhone.
What is CydiaCydia’s specialty lies in the fact that it acts as a middle-man – a platform where many apps from many other community app developers are listed. So this means you get quite a lot of apps to download for free or for very cheap rates. Cydia is much like iTunes App Store – but has much more applications, free downloads and tweaks.

Usually, these days, every jailbreaking software comes with a default installation of Cydia. So, when you try to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod touch with the software, you are given the option of installing Cydia. If checked, Cydia gets installed automatically saving you all the trouble of installing it yourself.

In case Cydia does not work or function properly, you can use this method of jailbreaking your iPhone again to get Cydia working back on track. This is a simple and easy method. All you have to do is re-jailbreak the iPhone or iPod Touch. Doing this does not corrupt or cause problems to your iPhone.

While you run through the jailbreaking sequence on the software, you will be asked to choose if you wish to install Cydia too. Check this, and your iPhone or iPod Touch will get the latest version of Cydia – or the one that comes with the jailbreaking software. Once done, you will have your Cydia up and running again normally.

However, if you wish to reinstall Cydia without having to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad again, you will need to follow the steps outlined below:
1. Download the Cydia package – available from many sources across the web these days. (as .deb package)
2. Use CyberDuck or WinSCP to SSH the files into your iPhone to the ROOT folder
3. Once you have placed the .deb package into the ROOT, open up the Mobile Terminal and type the following commands:
- dpkg -i /Cydia.deb
- killall -HUP SpringBoard

The first code installs the package, while the next one resprings your iPhone or iPod Touch. That’s it. Your Cydia should be working fine now.


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