How to Redeem Free Promo Code for an iPhone App

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Promo codes are like coupon codes – although once you redeem them from your iPhone / iTunes, an app that’s associated with the promo code gets downloaded for free.

Promo codes are usually codes that the app developers offer for an app that usually comes for a price. With promo codes, you can download the associated app for free on your iPhone. The promo codes are basically promotional stuff for the developers to market their app out to the public. Also, they are good for preview releases so that users get a taste of the app. Promo codes are great because they let you download apps for free. But of course you cannot download any app for free – one promo code gets associated with one app usually and that app is the only thing you’ll get to download once you redeem the promo code.

Here’s how to redeem free promo code for an iPhone app. There are two ways. We’ll discuss them both:

1. Through iPhone

  • Go to the App Store from your iPhone.
  • Select ‘Featured’ from the menu (at the bottom).
  • Scroll down till you reach the option where it says ‘Redeem’
  • Tap that. Enter your Promo code and click Redeem.
  • Hit ‘Done’ on the next screen and the app will now download.
  • On your SpringBoard, the app will get installed automatically.

You can also redeem free promo code for an iPhone app through iTunes. This involves a couple of extra steps (in syncing) but it’s safer method too. The app gets synced to iTunes automatically because it first got downloaded via iTunes.

2. Through iTunes App Store

  • Open iTunes.
  • On the sidebar, choose iTunes Store.
  • On the right now, under the Quick Links, you should see a ‘Redeem’ link. Click that.
  • Enter the Redeem code and click Redeem.
  • The application will get downloaded.
  • Connect your iPhone. Select that on the iTunes.
  • The last tab on the menu will be Applications. Open that.
  • Sync all applications (or select the new application that you just downloaded) and click ‘Apply’
  • The new application will be synced to your iPhone too.


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